Please check back soon for examples of custom racks manufactured by Delta 70 or refer to home page.

coil rack frontSteel coil racking can be manufactured to accommodate any width  and diameter of coil so that they may be safely stored when not in use.  Black coil rack shown here can also be painted any of the standard colours associated with safety.

coil racks iso


coil racks

cart-2-shelfcart 3 shelf








Steel shelf carts are available with either flush shelves or shelves that have a 2" lip. This unit operates on 2 rigid and 2 swivel castors and is controlled from the swivel end with a push handle. Can be painted with any of our standard colours using our electrostatic paint system.  Shelf carts can be quoted with or without sound deadening rubber mats in order to restrict noise and vibrations.  Capacity for these units range anywhere from 1000 lbs to 1600 lbs. 



ski pass iso

ski pass side

flat glass racksHere is an example of flat glass racks that Delta 70 manufactured with a plywood base.  These racks tightly inter stack with each other to take up the least amount of room possible when being shipped back to the supplier empty.  Six racks shown stacked here will take up a little more room than one rack that is completely filled with glass.  These racks can be manufactured in a variety of widths to fit the exact width of the glass being stored or transported.  Light weight removable end frames allow product to be easily added and removed from the racks and also stack with each other when end frames are in place.