International students are faced with a lot of challenges due to being in a different environment and having to adjust to a new life other than the one they are used to. This could greatly affect the education that they travelled to acquire in the first place. The following are ways that could be used by schools that offer international studies to improve the quality of education acquired by their international students:

$1         Orientation

International students require a proper orientation of the entire school upon their admission into the school. This ensures the students are aware of where the offices, classes and other relevant places are located to avoid getting lost at any time. It also ensures that students have access to student services required for an effective learning. Orientation ensures that other students are able to provide their support and resources to international students. It basically provides valuable and necessary information to ensure an ease of transition for international students.

$1         Involvement of Agent Agencies

Most international students feel more close to their agents and are therefore comfortable sharing issues at school with them. Agents, therefore, play an important role of communication between the students and the school. Schools should ensure they have a named contact address for the agents to be able to reach them in the event of any issues arising that may affect the student. samedayessay.com They could also ensure that agents are informed of all changes on the school policy and the rules and regulations to enable them to relay the information to the international students.

$1         Inquisition

In order to find out the issues affecting international students you first have to ask them personally. This may be a challenge in schools where there are large numbers of international students. The best way to approach this, however, would be through a data collection. This could be done through questionnaires, focus group discussions and interviews through the school’s faculty. This could give the school a clear picture of the problems faced by each international student at a personal level and how best to solve them to enhance their education.

$1         Use of Visual Aids

The language barrier is a challenge faced by international students and greatly affects their education. Schools could address this challenge by ensuring that teachers use visual aids in their lectures. They could use images, symbols, and videos to help international students understand different meanings. International students could also participate in drawing quizzes to enable them to summarize and to actually memorize important concepts they learn in school.

$1         Engagement of Students Socially

International students should be actively involved and engaged in all social activities to enable them to have a sense of belonging. This could be through interactions between the school lecturers, working staff, domestic students and international students. It could also be through school projects that help them in developing their personal skills and improving their self-awareness. This helps to build their self-confidence and also make them feel warm and comfortable in their new environment.