Comparison of the Malaysian and English Education Systems
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The Malaysian and English education systems share a good number of similarities because once Malaysia was a colony of Britain.  The policies used in Britain are still in use in Malaysia; a little change developed after Malaysia gained its independence. 

When asked to give a comparison, you must be able to give similarities and difference that exist in both Malaysian and English education system. The differences include:

-    The English education system is subdivided into three stages pre compulsory, compulsory and post compulsory. The pre-compulsory include playschool, kindergarten, nursery, pre-prep, and reception.  Children five years and below attend the pre-compulsory school. The compulsory stage contains primary and secondary schools. The primary school for kids age five in key stage 1 and key stage 2 for children aged eleven. The secondary is divided into key stage 3 for students age 11 to 14 and key stage 4 for students age 14 to 16.

-    The Malaysian education system has four stages. Pre-school level age 4-6 years, primary level age 7-12, secondary level and post-secondary level. Secondary level is divided into lower form 1-3 for student’s age 13 to 15 years old and upper form 4-5 for students age 16 to 17 years old.

-    Malaysian education system abolished examinations terming the examination-based system forced students to focus more on success rather than acquiring knowledge. The English education system is examination oriented, at the end of the four schooling stages; a student is required to take a GCSE examination 

Similarities of the Malaysian and English education systems include:

-    both systems of education use same education structure 6-3-2

-    encourage the development of the society

-    promote community norms and values

-    create national identity and coherence in the society

-    socialization function; children from different backgrounds come together to acquire  


-    productivity; educated citizens, help grow the country’s economy and provide skilled labor

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