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Automatic hot forging 

These cooling gons shown here are generally used in the hot forging process. Heavy gauge steel allows hot forgings to be dropped into the boxes without damaging the container and the perforations allow for quicker cooling of the forgings.  The automatic hot forging process involves feeding mill-length steel bars (typically 7 m (23 ft) long) into one end of the machine at room temperature and hot forged products emerge from the other end. This all occurs very quickly; small parts can be made at a rate of 180 parts per minute (ppm) and larger can be made at a rate of 90 ppm. The parts can be solid or hollow, round or symmetrical, up to 6 kg (13 lb), and up to 18 cm (7.1 in) in diameter.cooling gon distant

cooling gon closeup


Tire Pallets can also be painted depending on the specific application; however these are typically left bare to avoid having paint bleed onto the finished product.  can be manufactured to your specific dimensions and material thickness.

single pallet

pallet stack


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