Educational broadcasting refers to radio and TV programming with the express aim of covering certain course content.  Education broadcasting is received by the learners in a class setting or even at home.  Education is an important driver of development. Development is the process by which a group of people engages in various forms of self-improvement using available resources. Let us look at some of the advantages of using mass media for purposes of education.

              Educating the masses

Studies have shown that broadcast media are extremely powerful instruments for mass influence. They have successfully been used over the years to shape consumer thoughts and decisions. Today, it is becoming hard to make the masses conscious of a product without the use of broadcast media; which is why educational broadcasting is a very powerful tool of dispensing knowledge.

Granted, most people tune into their favorite FM or TV stations for entertainment. But even then, they gather lots of information in the process albeit unconsciously. Educational programming is tailored to ensure that the listeners are adequately informed and educated in the subject area. This is becoming a very important method of educating the masses, especially in the developing countries.

              Adult education

There is a direct correlation between literacy levels of a country/society and the socio-economic development. The role of education in poverty eradication and wealth creation is huge. In the developing countries, there is a growing need for educating adults and this comes with an interesting set of challenges. Firstly, there is the challenge of developing a curriculum that will resonate with them. Secondly, there is the issue of their availability to attend structured class sessions and then there is the challenge website of mixing adults with kids in the same classroom. This makes broadcast education very appealing to the adult learners. They can now comfortably learn at their own pace and in the comfort of their homes too.

              Educating children

That children are a country’s greatest hope is more than just an axiom. Investing in children means investing in the future of a society. The best investment a society can make in her children is by giving them an education. one challenge that educators face is that children find the traditional school boring. The modern day kid is exposed to lots of audio visual content in form of video games, animation shows, mobile phone games, etc. this makes it very hard for them to concentrate in a classroom setup listening to a teacher spew out arithmetic or some other information. However, if the teacher was to spice up the course content but utilizing audio visual technologies, the lessons will suddenly become interesting and grasp the attention of the young learners. This helps to illustrate why children are one of the most important target audiences for broadcast education.

As we have already established, education is an important driver of development. As technology changes the way we do business and the way we relate to friends and family, it would be foolish to not allow the same technology to reshape the way we view education. It is time we embraced broadcast education for it has the power to literally move the masses.


International students are faced with a lot of challenges due to being in a different environment and having to adjust to a new life other than the one they are used to. This could greatly affect the education that they travelled to acquire in the first place. The following are ways that could be used by schools that offer international studies to improve the quality of education acquired by their international students:

$1         Orientation

International students require a proper orientation of the entire school upon their admission into the school. This ensures the students are aware of where the offices, classes and other relevant places are located to avoid getting lost at any time. It also ensures that students have access to student services required for an effective learning. Orientation ensures that other students are able to provide their support and resources to international students. It basically provides valuable and necessary information to ensure an ease of transition for international students.

$1         Involvement of Agent Agencies

Most international students feel more close to their agents and are therefore comfortable sharing issues at school with them. Agents, therefore, play an important role of communication between the students and the school. Schools should ensure they have a named contact address for the agents to be able to reach them in the event of any issues arising that may affect the student. They could also ensure that agents are informed of all changes on the school policy and the rules and regulations to enable them to relay the information to the international students.

$1         Inquisition

In order to find out the issues affecting international students you first have to ask them personally. This may be a challenge in schools where there are large numbers of international students. The best way to approach this, however, would be through a data collection. This could be done through questionnaires, focus group discussions and interviews through the school’s faculty. This could give the school a clear picture of the problems faced by each international student at a personal level and how best to solve them to enhance their education.

$1         Use of Visual Aids

The language barrier is a challenge faced by international students and greatly affects their education. Schools could address this challenge by ensuring that teachers use visual aids in their lectures. They could use images, symbols, and videos to help international students understand different meanings. International students could also participate in drawing quizzes to enable them to summarize and to actually memorize important concepts they learn in school.

$1         Engagement of Students Socially

International students should be actively involved and engaged in all social activities to enable them to have a sense of belonging. This could be through interactions between the school lecturers, working staff, domestic students and international students. It could also be through school projects that help them in developing their personal skills and improving their self-awareness. This helps to build their self-confidence and also make them feel warm and comfortable in their new environment.


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Significance of Students as Stakeholders in the Educational Process

The term ‘stakeholder’ refers to any individual who has invested immensely in school’s success. It is observed that stakeholders play a vital role in bringing forth reforms in the educational process. Education cannot be standardized for all. The disparity in the educational field is only because stakeholders’ opinions are usually not taken into account. For instance, social disparity often leads to inequality in the field of education. Stakeholders’ importance lies in the field of eradicating any inequality from the system. The most common stakeholders involved in the educational process are teachers, principal, students, etc.

Each of these stakeholders has an integral role to play in the field of education. It can be stated that stakeholders should always aim at upgrading educational standards for each of the students. On the contrary, students are important stakeholders in the overall educational process. Community-based education has significance in the real-world educational process. When students take charge of their educational process, then they can communicate across their areas of weaknesses and strengths. In the current educational process, lack of communication between teachers and students is often viewed as a major challenge. The strategies on stakeholder engagement are highly beneficial regarding school improvement.

Students are the most valuable stakeholders

Students can be regarded as the most important stakeholders. It is evident that educational process should be based on students’ viewpoints to create maximum output. Practical evidence should be considered while designing the curriculum structure. Student-focused culture is essential to integrate academic concepts and practical instances effectively. For further improvement, the advice of students is also essential to understand the key loopholes that are prevalent within the educational system. Both student achievement and school culture can be redefined through including students in the decision-making process. For instance, students can be made an active part of the school community where they shall be given the opportunity to put across their needs, preferences, and interests.

At many instances, students are considered as the most valuable stakeholder because they are knowledgeable about school matters and school culture. Authentic participation of students helps in understanding the areas of the curriculum that need to be changed and any additional improvement required within the school environment. Students are valuable stakeholders also because they are in consistent touch with faculty and non-faculty members. For future improvement of schools and students, a student-centric culture is mandatory to analyze prevalent drawbacks and to recommend solutions.

What reform can such stakeholders bring to the educational process?

There are various reforms ensured through student participation in the educational process. The major reforms can be in the form of community-based learning, shared leadership, etc. It is evident that shared leadership enables students to work in teams and understand the importance of collaborative working approach. On the contrary, when students are actively indulged, then they are even able to communicate the essence of community-based learning. The traditional educational process is bound to undergo a major shift with the active involvement of students as stakeholders. In the long run, students as stakeholders shall voice their opinion or ideas for improvement of the educational system.