Steel Crowd Barriers
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web page pics 015These barriers are effective ways to keep crowds under control.  They also work well in construction type environments where you want to keep people away from dangerous equipment or restricted areas.  Barrier height is 43", sections shown here are 6' 6" long and 3' 6" long, all sections interlock with each other. Perimeter tubing is 1 1/2" square with 1" square vertical tubes inside the perimeter. The base of the barrier can be predrilled with 1/2" diameter holes so that the customer can have the option of securing each barrier to the ground permanently with lag bolts or temporary pins.  When disassembled the barriers interlock side by side taking up approximately 12 inches for eight sections of barriers.  Barriers shown in this photo are painted safety yellow, however; the customer can choose from a wide variety of colours on hand or they can be coated with red oxide primer for shipping in order to be painted by the customer with their own design.  The barriers can be fabricated to any length and steel plates or placards can be welded to any area of the barrier so that warning signs or special instructions can be posted in clear view of those who come in contact with the barriers.  As most of the barriers are custom made to the customers specifications there are no minimum quantity orders.  For more information on these barriers please email Delta 70 or contact our office manager Lisa Hunter.