Capacity and Capabilities
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welding brown gloves
Depending on the size of the container and the dunnage requirements of any given style, Delta 70 can manufacture and paint anywhere form 30-150 containers per shift. Wire mesh baskets and sheet steel boxes generally run anywhere from 100-150 per shift and larger steel racking with or without dunnage installed after painting run anywhere from 30-60 per shift. Delta 70 generally runs 2 shifts per day and 9 to 10 hours per shift. Delta 70 cuts all material to size in house, such as steel tubing and pipe, flat bar, rod, angle using our bandsaws and tube cutting dies in our punch presses. We also form and corrugate all sheet steel in house on any of our brake presses. After fabrication our containers are prepped for painting and painted with one of our 2 electrostatic paint systems. Repairing and retrofitting of existing containers is also another service we provide, whether repairing steel boxes, wire mesh baskets and steel racking close or to their original condition or completely retrofitting the inside of existing containers in order to accommodate a new version of a part or an entirely different part Delta 70 has the capability to produce the desired final product.